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Justice moon

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Born and raised in Wahiawa, Hawaii, Hawaiian Hip-Hop Artist Justice Moon has more than 20 years of experience in Hawaii’s music scene. Moon is a gifted performer who has released 7 full length albums, and has had multiple hit songs in full rotation on mainstream radio and TV in Hawaii, garnishing critical acclaim.

This skillful artisan has created a recognizable signature sound that blends elements of Hip-Hop, EDM, Techno, Disco, Funk & Soul, crafting a unique soundscape that is not only nostalgic, but fashionably modern.

An exceptional song writer, album producer, multi-instrumentalist and video director, Moon has the rare ability to connect the generations’ and compose conceptual songs that resonate with the heart of his audience.

Equipped with an indelible hit album and a relentless work ethic, this seasoned artisan is ready to share Hawaii with the world. His philosophy: “Success is when preparation meets opportunity” should give anyone a clear indication that this musician is prepped, primed and ready to explode onto the international music scene.